How to use MSI Afterburner? Tutorial on everything you need to know!

The MSI Afterburner program is currently causing a sensation among video game players, and this is not a surprise, since it is a program that offers you to control the temperature, the battery and clearly, the fan curve.

However, there are still doubts about how to use it, as well as the functions that the program has to offer. Actually, using this program on the computer is easier than it seems.

If you have already downloaded the program to your computer, but have no idea how to use it, read on to this tutorial and learn how to manipulate MSI Afterburner!

Features of MSI Afterburner

The first thing to note is that it’s a very easy to use program, and you can also minimize the program tab if you’re bothered by it taking up part of your screen while you’re playing.

MSI Afterburner makes it possible to control the functions of your computer. If you’re a video game player, you’ll understand why, after several games, the computer will start to overheat and the battery will run down as well.

According to this, you can manage everything that happens to your computer, as well as visualize specific data of the video game.

This program is downloadable to various computers and equipment. In fact, if you already have it installed in your computer, you will notice that it does not consume many resources and it is a light program.

It should be noted that, it is also possible to adjust better sound properties, all together making the experience of playing your favorite games quite incredible.

Finally, it is also possible to change the format by which MSI Afterburner shows you the data. So, if you don’t want to see the data from your computer directly on the screen, it’s possible to change it to HML format.

How do I use MSI Afterburner?

Once you’ve downloaded the program to your computer, it’s time to put it to use. The first thing you have to do is open the program with a simple click. Then, the program will load in another tab, which you can minimize if you are playing.

In this new screen, all the data of the video card will be reflected. You will be able to visualize the temperature in voltage, the memory, among other options that you can adjust.

To adjust what options you want to see during the game of your video game (card temperature, battery, etc) you must click on the button at the bottom that says “Settings”.

Once you press this button, you must click on “Monitoring“. Here, you will see a small white square with all the options that MSI Afterburner offers (GPU temperature, GPU load, memory, frame rate, among others).

You must select the options you want to manage, and then click on the “Show information on screen” button.

Click on “Apply” and “OK” and start viewing and managing your team while you play! Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Free Fire!