How to install MSI Afterburner on your IPhone and Mac? Everything you didn’t know!

Initially, a program that allows us to control and manage our computer while we are playing will always cause a lot of sensation.

These functions are responsible for avoiding the slowness, heating and failures of our devices, mainly in summer when temperatures are incredibly high. Our equipment is more in danger of being damaged.

MSI Afterburner is the ideal program for these cases, as you will be able to continue playing without your computer being affected.

In addition, to increase its advantages, it is a free program that can be downloaded from the App Store for iPad, iPhone, Mac and much more. Discover everything right now, below!

MSI Afterburner for IPhone

Mainly, it should be noted that this program started being available only for computers. However, it has opened up its options, and so it is now available for Smartphones.

Accordingly, once you open the MSI Afterburner program on your Smartphone you will notice the โ€œOverclockโ€ and Monitor option.

The first option on the IPhone makes it possible to adapt the operation of the phone to a faster version, which is a perfect tool if you are constantly playing video games on it.

On the other hand, it is also possible to make adjustments from your IPhone to your PC, only by means of a Wifi connection, if for example you are a gamer and have your favorite games installed in the computer.

According to this, you can make adjustments or monitor the PC through the โ€œMonitorโ€ button, which is located in the center of the screen. You can also access these functions from IPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

How to use MSI Afterburner on IPhone to monitor your PC?

Initially, you must have the Remote Server program installed on your computer, as it will serve as a connector between the settings made in MSI Afterburner and the PC.

Then, you must access MSI Afterburner from your mobile phone, and then you must enter the IP of your PC. If you donโ€™t know which one it is, Remote Server will tell you.

Once you write the IP address of your computer, a connection between MSI Afterburner and Remote Server can be made, and therefore, all the adjustments you make from the MSI Afterburner of your mobile will be executed in the computer.

Some of these settings, can be: Fan, voltage, memory and manage the temperature, ideal for long games.

MSI Afterburner on Mac

On the other hand, just as MSI Afterburner works with IPhone and IPad, it is also possible to download to Mac computers.

According to this, the functions are basically the same, and in the same way, it is also used to access and manage game and video card data.

In the case of Mac computers, the download can be done online, through:

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